Unbound Finance Tech Roadmap For Q1 & Q2 2022

2021 has been a year of great challenges and triumphs! With the successful accomplishment of our milestones thus far, we are now ready to take the next steps forward. Today we are excited to lay out the waypoints for where the protocol is headed in the coming months.

In Q1 and Q2 of 2022, Unbound will primarily focus on releasing the mainnets on Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and Harmony networks followed by the Unbound testnets on Fantom, KCC, Tomochain, HECO and Klaytn. Thereafter, we propose to go live on the Fantom mainnet in quick succession. The launch of our mainnet on the aforementioned chains will be accompanied by significant partnerships with multiple AMMs across these blockchains. LPs of the partnered AMMs will be able to collateralize their LPTs to loan UND stablecoin. The details of Unbound’s Technological Roadmap for the first and second quarters of 2022 are as follows:

Unbound Roadmap For Q1 2022


$UNB on-chain staking on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum (Launched)


-Polygon Mainnet

-Fantom Testnet


-Binance Smart Chain Mainnet

-KCC Testnet


-Fantom Mainnet

-Tomochain Testnet


-Avalanche Mainnet

-HECO Testnet


-Harmony Mainnet

-Klaytn Testnet

What’s Next for Unbound?

In addition to the above plan, we are also sprinting towards achieving the following series of project development phases during the latter parts of 2022.

Multi-chain Expansion

Following our proposal to launch the mainnet on Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Avalanche and Harmony in the first and second quarters of 2022, we plan to soon release the mainnet on KCC, Tomochain, HECO, Klaytn, Arbitrum, Solana and Polkadot.

Cross-Chain Transfers of Synthetic Assets

In its quest to improve the capital efficiency of the entire DeFi space and to promote inter-blockchain operability and profitability, Unbound, through the use of native bridges, will go cross-chain in the days to come.

High APY on StableCoins

As DeFi continues to grow, we have plans to expand our reach to the non-DeFi audience as well. In the days to come, we will be deploying a mechanism to accept stablecoins on our platform and in return provide the users with the best possible yield.

Leveraged Borrowing

To keep up with our promise of improving the capital efficiency of the DeFi space, we have planned yet another high profit-generating opportunity for our users. Through leveraged borrowing, users will be able to further lock up LPTs of supported synthetic asset pools on the Unbound platform to mint more synthetic assets, thus compounding the profits multifold.

Expanding the Unbound Ecosystem

As we continue to expand the Unbound ecosystem, we further plan to join forces with 25 decentralized exchanges spread across various blockchain networks mentioned earlier. These incredible alliances will effectively open up new avenues of yield for LPs in the DeFi ecospace.

Launching New UND Pools

Following the collaboration with DEXs, we expect to launch about 50 UND pools on various DEXs across multiple blockchains, thereby increasing the adoption of Unbound’s native stablecoin UND. As the first step in this direction, we have already launched two UND pools including the UND/USDT pool and the UND/KNC pool on Ethereum’s Kyber DMM.

Strategic Alliances

Next, we plan to enter into strategic alliances with multiple DeFi protocols enabling them to launch their native tokens with Unbound’s decentralized stablecoin UND.

Collateralization of Uniswap V3 NFTs at Unbound

We are building doorway liquidity aggregator contracts for Uniswap V3 with a view to streamlining user investment in V3 pools. The DefiEdge aggregator contracts would, for the first time, enable the collateralization of Uni V3 NFT liquidity positions through Unbound. The DefiEdge testnet is already live and can be reached from here.

Launching the Unbound Governance

We will launch the Governance for UNB, conferring UNB holders the right to participate and vote in decisions concerning the protocol’s further upgrades and changes.

About Unbound Finance

Unbound Finance is an Ethereum based lending protocol that uses the liquidity of Automated Market Makers as collateral. Users are bound by highly secured, perpetual smart contracts and are free from the risk of their collateral being liquidated. Currently Unbound supports AMMs across various multi-chain platforms like Uniswap, Curve.fi, Bancor and Mooniswap.

Key features highlighting Unbound’s foundation include

  • Liquidation-free liquidity provision system
  • Creating a no debt position when assets are minted
  • Perpetual borrowing
  • Factory Smart Contracts
  • Decentralized, cross-chain stablecoin UND
  • Minting synthetic assets like uETH
  • SAFU reserves

Connect With Us

If you would like to be a part of our ambassador programs or help us in any way, reach out to us at partners@unbound.finance.

Check out our social media links to remain updated and learn more about us:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Whitepaper | Instagram | Ethereum Mainnet | Zeta Testnet | Binance Smart Chain Testnet | Binance Smart Chain Faucet | Polygon Testnet | Polygon Faucet | Harmony Testnet | Harmony Faucet | Avalanche Testnet | Unbound Uniswap V3 Aggregator Testnet



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