Unbound Global Ambassador Program 2.0 — Refined & Revamped!

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4 min readApr 15, 2022

Unbound is growing substantially not only because of its promising technology but also because of its close-knit community support. Owing to this support, Unbound has redesigned its Ambassador Program 2.0, rewarding the most loyal Unbounders for participating in our community-building and protocol adoption initiatives. This is an opportunity for every crypto enthusiast to acquire knowledge about DeFi, exchange ideas, earn $UNB, and contribute to our vision of a capital-efficient DeFi space.

How to become an Unbound Ambassador?

Unbound Ambassadors are the representatives of our community, who help us take forward the mission of growing Unbound. Anyone with a strong passion for DeFi and the desire to participate in maximizing its capital efficiency can apply for it.

The Ambassador program has been kept flexible to encourage creativity and authenticity and also allow our participants to choose their domain of contribution and expertise. However, here are a few tasks that you can perform to boost Unbound’s prominence:

  • Use the Mainnet and Testnets and share your experiences and feedback
  • Participate in Staking initiatives and other contests & campaigns organized by the protocol.
  • Create content centering Unbound including articles, Twitter posts, threads, Instagram posts, content in regional languages etc
  • Create visual content such as video tutorials/video testimonials, infographics, memes, stickers & GIFs, Instagram reels and the like
  • Assist and educate other community members on Unbound’s social media channels
  • Spread awareness about Unbound
  • Assist in organizing AMAs
  • Educate regional communities by creating/translating content in regional languages

Besides, following Unbound on social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn, Quora and Youtube) and actively engaging on all posts (liking, sharing, retweeting & commenting) can enhance your chances of becoming an Unbound Ambassador.

Perks of becoming an Unbound Ambassador

The title of ‘Unbound Ambassador’ comes with plenty of responsibilities and amazing perks, which are as follows:

  • Selected candidates will be recognized as the official representatives of Unbound and shall acquire the title of “Unbound Ambassador
  • The top 5 Ambassadors will be rewarded with $UNB every month
  • The most avid Ambassadors will be recognized and featured on Unbound’s social media channels
  • Early access to new Unbound products, brand news and announcements
  • Opportunity to get involved in the protocol’s R&D
  • Opportunity to connect and collaborate with the Unbound team
  • Networking opportunities
  • Priority during Unbound’s future recruitment drives

Applicants will be assessed on multiple factors by the Unbound team and the winners will be rewarded with varying titles such as ‘Best content’,’ Best video’, ‘Most active community member’, ‘Best bugs hunter’, ‘Best community moderator’ and the like.

Ambassador of the Month

Every month, the Unbound team will be on the lookout for the most ardent participant who has exhibited exemplary contribution to the protocol. The selected participant shall be entitled to $UNB rewards along with being recognized as the Ambassador of the Month.

We value all our existing and new community members and hence we have designed this Ambassador program such that we can provide a fair and equal opportunity to all our participants. The program will refresh every month, incentivizing a new batch of ambassadors each time. So gear up Unbounders, if you haven’t already participated or won a title, there’s all the more reason to compete and win attractive rewards.

How do I sign up for the program?

Follow the steps below to participate in the Unbound Ambassador program:

  1. Application: Fill out the application form and join the Ambassador forum. Make sure to join the Unbound Ambassador’s Telegram group through the link provided in the official email
  2. Submission: Participants can upload their Proof of Work in the Ambassador forum. The last week of every month will be used as an evaluation period. No work will be accepted during the evaluation period of the program.
    Here’s a video guide on how to use our Ambassador forum: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPfivGkddjw
  3. Evaluation: The Unbound team will assess all the participants based on varying criteria and select the top 5 winners as Ambassadors every month. Besides, each month, one participant shall be entitled as the ‘Ambassador of the Month’
  4. Rewards Distribution: The winners of each round of the Ambassador program will be announced at the end of every month followed by the rewards distribution.

The detailed task specifications, incentive structure, and instructions can be viewed in the following excel sheet: Unbound Ambassador Program 2.0 (PUBLIC)

We’d also like to take this opportunity to recognize our previous Ambassador @midoriya Crypto for his outstanding contribution and loyalty to the protocol. He has been actively working with the team for quite some time. He’s been assisting the moderators in not only managing the community and attending to their queries, but he also pools in new ideas and is always willing to take steps to expand the protocol’s adoption.

We would like to invite all our community members to be a part of this initiative and help Unbound reach new heights.

About Unbound Finance

Unbound Finance is an Ethereum-based lending protocol that uses the liquidity of Automated Market Makers as collateral. Users are bound by highly secured, perpetual smart contracts and are free from the risk of their collateral being liquidated. Currently Unbound supports AMMs across various multi-chain platforms like Uniswap, Curve.fi, Bancor, Mooniswap etc.

Key features highlighting Unbound’s foundation include:

  • Liquidation-free liquidity provision system
  • Creating a no debt position when assets are minted
  • Perpetual borrowing
  • Factory Smart Contracts
  • Decentralized, cross-chain stablecoin UND
  • Minting synthetic assets like uETH
  • SAFU reserves

Connect With Us

If you would like to partner with us or help us in any way, reach out to us at partners@unbound.finance.

Check out our social media links to remain updated and learn more about us:

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